Visitors are welcome to come and see what we generally do during our regular woodcarving meeting sessions. If what you see appeals and you would like to have a go at woodcarving, or improve your current carving skills, please feel free to let the convenor of the meeting location know.

For a nominal annual fee you will be able to apply for membership, attend the carving sessions and enjoy the following benefits.

What do I get for my membership?

  • Mix with like-minded people who all enjoy woodcarving
  • Carve at any of our four locations spread over the greater Sydney Metropolitan region
  • Carve on a regular basis with other carvers of varying skill levels
  • Receive guidance and support from more experienced members
  • Have access to machinery, such as Bandsaws and Scrollsaws
  • Have access to carving gouges and chisels, prior to buying you own
  • Receive Insurance cover
  • The opportunity to exhibit your work
  • Occasional bus trips & workshops are organised
  • Occasional guest speakers
  • Get discounts at some suppliers
Angel carving
Woodcarving observed during the Sydney Cathedral Tour

How much does membership cost?

Membership is still only $40 per year, from 1 July to 30 June.

What if I join mid-year?

You pay only:

  • Joining from July to September: $40 to June
  • Joining from October to December: $30 to June
  • Joining from January to March: $20 to June
  • Joining from April to June: $10 to June


Why not join now?